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2022-2023 Registration is now open


Fall, Spring, Opens

Fish in any one of our 3 team trail divisions. The Fall/West division, Spring/East, or Opens/Flex division. East and West division will have 2 weekends. Opens will have 4 weekends to choose from. Each with a Saturday tournament and a separate tournament on Sunday on the same weekend/lake. While the third division called the Opens division gives you more flexibility for scheduling to pick which events work for you or helps clubs that share captains for Junior and High School teams. The Fall/West division will be the events in the fall. The Spring/East will take place in the 2nd half of the school year. You will only be allowed to fish 4 events to keep the boat traffic down to a decent number due to our lakes being smaller in Kansas. Top 10% from each tournament will be invited to fish state championship if you fish all 4 events with us. Winner of each event that fish at least 2 events will also qualify for state. New rule for this year is boat captains for the State Championship has to be someone that boated for you in the regular season with a max of *2 boat captains per team for the year. We will have a season sign up that is up front and at the start the year. You can list what 4 lakes/dates you plan on fishing with 2 back up sub dates just in case something comes up that you can't make originally schedule 4 you picked. The sign up will make registration and payment all at once for the year. It will be a season cost not a per event cost. This should make the process very smooth for the season. We will take late signups/registrations throughout the season. Highschool Kansas Bass Season will be $250 includes your $10 Kansas dues for September 1st 2022-August 31st 2023. Juniors will be $170 for the season which also includes the school calendar year of dues. Registration will open September 1st to all Bassmaster Bass Nation clubs current on their dues. If you don't have a club set up/current with Bassmaster please let me know before registering.

We will no longer be doing prizes just trophies/plaques but also offering a scholarship check payout at each event. Number will change based on entries.

High School(based on 40 boats will post exacts once we have estimated boats for season)

1st place 2 Trophies and $400 per team

2nd place 2 Plaques and $300 per team

3rd place 2 Plaques and $200 per team

Junior(based on 10 boats will post exacts once we have estimated boats for season)

1st place 2 Trophies and $100 per team

2nd place 2 Plaques and $80 per team

3rd place 2 Plaques and $40 per team

High School teams that qualify for Nationals through our Kansas State Championship/AOY will receive a minimum of $1200 travel money per team in 2023. Juniors that qualify for Nationals will receive $800 minimum per team in 2023.

We will have 1 angler of the year for High School and Juniors that receives an automatic birth into Nationals. We will decide this off season total fish weight that is the biggest weighed in. If there is a tie it will go off most limits, then if that ties it will go to biggest bass of the season. If still a tie it will go to a fish off at the State Championship between the teams tied for that one spot.

Registration is now open on

If you have any questions regarding how this format works please call, text, or email me. 913-562-4660 cell

*death, major illness, etc. will allow a exception.

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