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Current registrations I have for Perry Lake-Please Double Check!!!

Last weekend to qualify for the Kansas State Championship is here. Each team was allowed up to 4 tournaments max of the 8 on the schedule. Standings are up to date going into the final weekend. Can be seen here

Double Check I have you registered please.

High School

Saturday <click there

Sunday <click there


Saturday <click there

Sunday <click there

Boat Draw and Pre Meeting will be posted Friday Morning. To the website here

Some key points 5 fish limit 15" min. Kansas Black Bass Pass required. Take off at State Park Lake View Ramp

No fishing where no boats/no fishing signs posted-Example Gas Docks and any Marina posted no fishing within x number of feet. Treat that like a brick wall. Do not cross the no boat lines with your boat or fishing lines(aka beaches and spillways). All other rules are clearly stated in the B.A.S.S. High School and B.A.S.S. Junior Rules on

We will do clockwise idle by to check live wells, kill switches, and lights, later teams stage near pelican point the right side jetti on the off limits map below

Call or text Travis Burch 913-562-4660 cell if any questions or comments.

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