How To Join

There is 2 ways you can join. One is to join a local club in your area. Another is to create your own club at your school or in your community. It cost $30 a year to be a member. Membership is divided in 3. $10 goes to B.A.S.S. for a youth membership which includes a magazine subscription to B.A.S.S. Times. 10$ goes to B.A.S.S. Nation to help with the cost of the High School and Junior National Championship. Last but not least $10 goes to us, We are your local Kansas Bass Nation that puts on your events in and around the State. Once you are a member all you have to do is join our events. Teams consist of 2 anglers and a boat captain. The boat captain does not get to compete. High school events are $60 per team and $40 per team at Junior level. If you're interested in joining please email Travis Burch and we can get you onto the 1st step of registering with an existing or creating a new club.

Clubs around Kansas

Bobcat Bass(Basehor)-913-669-7188

KickBack Bass(Overland Park)-913-940-7760

Legacy Christian(Lenexa)-913-207-3515



Blue Steam-316-253-0043


Louisburg Rec.-913-449-7592

Outcast. (Franklin County)-913-214-7985



Cowley County-620-221-0562

Blue Valley-785-706-1765

Topeka Jr. Hawg-785-466-6564

Capital City(Topeka)-785-466-6564

Creating your own club

Step #1

Have two anglers purchase their bassmaster membership by following this link

Step #2 

Have Parent/Guardian or School Faculty member willing to be president of the club fill out this form to create the club.

High School Club

Junior Club

College Club

Step#3 Pay BASS Nation National Dues

After completing Step #2 you'll get a username and password to login to your roster system. Which can also be found here to pay national dues.

Any issues on this step email or call (205)-313-0900


Step#4 If not a school club and want to be a community club have school sign release that they don't have or want a bass team. Form can be found here.

Step #5 Register for the tournament season

Opens September 1st

Step # 6 Get familiar with the rules.

and start practicing on lakes leading up to events

Step #7 Compete in tournament. Weigh fish hopefully(first few tournaments its common to not catch many).

Step #8 Practice for next event and try to make state championship.