16. SCORING Supplement: (ii) Overall team tournament trail winner will be defined as the team who has the most cumulative points over all 4 team trail events. Only those teams fishing all 4 events are considered for the team trail title (Must be present on cancellations). In the event of a tie the tiebreaker in the official B.A.S.S. rules will be applied. Tournament Director may utilize his option of inviting all tied teams to compete. We must have 50 teams compete in all divisions before we will be allowed to send the winners of the team trails to the National Championship Tournament.

25. High School Championship Event: (i) Participation i n t h e K a n s a s H i g h S c h o o l S t a t e C h a m p i o n s h i p tournament is open only to those Kansas Bass Nation Affiliated High School Club Teams. (ii) Qualifying for the championship is done through the team trail tournaments and is done on a points system. See #26 below. The top teams go on to the National Championship based on bassmaster team trail agreements.

26. High School Championship Qualification Scoring: (i) Points system used: For each 1 st place 100 pts 2 nd place 98 pts 3 rd place 96 pts Etc… If you compete in the event and do not weigh a fish, you get the points for the play right after the last team that caught as fish minus 10 points. (I.E. if a team finished in 6th place with one fish they would receive 90 points. Every team that did not catch a fish would get 7th place points minus 10 points or 78 points) We will be inviting teams to the State Championship based on the following 

Fish in any one or more of our new look 3 team trail divisions. The In-State(KS.) division, and Multi-State(Neighboring States) Big Lake division. Each division will have 2 weekends. Each with a Saturday tournament and a separate tournament on Sunday(usually 2 different lakes IF logistically possible) on the same weekend. While the third division called the Opens division gives you more flexibility on travel and scheduling to pick which events work for you. The in-state division will be the first events of the fall, and the multi-state division will be the later fall event. The opposite will take place in the 2nd half of the season. Multi-State division will go first then the In-State division. This is due to the fact that weather is usually a little warmer in most places we are trying to fish in the Multi State division by at least a few degrees.


The top 15% of teams from each 3 divisions that fish 4 events advance to State Championship. Will be tracked on the same points system as we've been using. Will upload that into the rules for each tournament. If you win a qualifying event in any one of the divisions and as long as you fish at least 2 events you are automatically in the state championship. Anglers that fish more than 5 events will automatically drop the worse score for the opens division ranking. You may fish both divisions and if you fish all 8 events(would qualify you for all 3 leaderboards). Not only would you improve yourself as an angler but also improve your chance of qualifying. Just by fishing 4 events in one division and 1 event in the other division improves your odds as well by making you eligible for two leaderboards.  


Second chance best two events leaderboard. Keep your two best team scores(drop the rest) and rank in the top 10% of your division and qualify for state championship as well. Must fish at least 2 events to be eligible.


Anglers of the year from each division will receive a automatic birth into the National Championship once we reach 50 boats in each division. If 50 boats is not reached in the 3 divisions then those 3 teams will go into a *tiebreaker(same as Bassmaster high school tournament weigh in rules) for one spot to National Championship birth. We are guaranteed 2 spots by B.A.S.S. each year. If we reach 50+ teams in the in-state, 50+ in the opens, and 50+ in the multi state we will get 6-8 invites. 

We will have one weekend scheduled for make up days in the spring if for any reason an event or multiple events where not able to go as scheduled. In the event we can't make up all the events on the scheduled make up weekend we will go to 3 everywhere it says 4 in the rules above for leaderboards. If no events were needed to be rescheduled we will use the scheduled make up weekend as a last chance to qualify for the State Championship for those who didn't already qualify. Taking the top 10% from that field to the state championship. If you have any questions regarding how this new format works please call or email me. 913-562-4660 cell 


Ties for the final place we will use the following tie breaker.

(1) The team that competed in all 4 team trail events.

(2) The team with the most five fish limits.

(3) The team with the biggest fish weighed.

(4) The team with the most fish weighed over the three scored events.

(5) Coin Flip. The director has discretion to invite others in the event of double qualifications. As you can see, we are dropping two events for qualifying. This is being done so new teams added over the winter have a shot at qualifying and advancing. Youth Team Trail will follow the same supplemental rules as well. So, where you see High School please replace with youth.

***** New rule for 2021 – 2022 season. If a high school tournament is canceled or postponed the automatic reschedule date is the next available make up date pre scheduled. If it can’t be fished then, due to weather, it will not be made up. If a team can’t fish on the make up date, they have two options: 1) Get a refund for no points towards team trail AOY. 2) Donate their entry fee for last place points. All rule determinations are at the tournament directors discretion.





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